Laboratory Services
  • Visual Classification of Soils – ASTM D2488
  • Natural Moisture Content – ASTM D2216
  • Sieve Analysis of Aggregate – ASTM C136
  • Sieve Analysis of Soils – ASTM D6913
  • Material Finer Than No. 200 in Aggregates By Washing – ASTM C117
  • Material Finer Than No. 200 in Soil By Washing – ASTM D1140
  • Hydrometer – ASTM D422
  • Atterberg Limits – ASTM D4318
  • Mod Proctor – ASTM D1557
  • Std Proctor – ASTM D698
  • Concrete Cylinders – ASTM C39
  • Concrete Core Tests – ASTM C42/C39
  • pH Determination – ASTM D4972
  • CMU Prisms – ASTM E447
  • Mortar Cylinders – ASTM C780
  • Grout Prisms – ASTM C1019
  • Mortar Cubes – ASTM C109/C7

KMT follows the basic requirements of ASTM E329 for both laboratory and personnel requirements. Our laboratory and equipment are up to date, well maintained and calibrated at the required intervals. KMT’s testing laboratory has achieved a number of certifications and accreditations and meets the stringent requirements of ASTM E329. ASTM E329 (Standard Specification for Agencies Engaged in the Testing and/or Inspection of Materials Used in Construction) is a lengthy document that details the qualifications for an inspection agency and laboratory personnel. It also specifies the technical requirements for equipment and procedures used in testing and inspection of construction materials.