Construction Material Testing

Construction Material Testing


    • In-Place Density Tests of Fill and Backfill
    • Subgrade Acceptance Tests


    • Testing in accordance with ACI 318
    • Measurement of Slump, Air Content, Unit Weight, and Temperature
    • Molding of Cylinders and Comprehensive Strength Testing
    • Visual Inspection of Reinforcement

Structural Steel

    • Column Plumbness
    • Checks of Bolt Tension
    • Visual Inspection of Welds and Bearing Plates
    • Tests of Shear Studs


    • Testing in Accordance with ACI 530.1: Checking “Plumbness and Straightness”
    • Molding of Grout Prisms, Mortar Cylinders and Cubes
    • Checking Reinforcement and Observation of Grouting Procedures


    • Monitoring of Temperature and Density During Placement
    • Coring for Thickness and Density Verification


    • Visual Inspection of Erected Wood
    • Framing and Connections

Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials (SFRM)

    • Visual Inspection of SFRM Application
    • Thickness, Density, and Adhesion/Cohesion Testing of SFRM

KMT provides material testing for soil, concrete, masonry, and asphalt in accordance with the applicable ASTM standards. KMT’s personnel are experienced technicians who are knowledgeable and certified in the testing procedures dealing with typical building and site construction materials. We believe that the purpose of the testing process on a project is to enhance the construction process and to serve as a team member in verifying construction quality and assisting in the project being completed on time, and on budget.

Our materials testing laboratory maintains the highest construction materials testing standards in our industry. We meet these high standards through in-house monitoring of procedures and results, stringent calibration of equipment, proficiency evaluations, and continuous training.

Our technical personnel maintain all appropriate certifications and professional standards. KMT is committed to providing services that meet the technical and budgetary needs of our clients, satisfy regulatory requirements, and are commensurate with the state-of-the-art technology.