• Material Sampling
      • Site Assessments
      • Pre-Demolition Building Permit Survey
      • Pre-Renovation Building Permit Survey
      • Building/Structure Asbestos Surveys
      • TCLP Waste Stream Sampling
      • Environmental Project Management
      • NYS DOL Site Specific Variance
      • Air Sampling
      • Project Monitoring
      • Abatement Design
      • AHERA Asbestos Reviews

Asbestos has been used in a wide variety of building construction materials and manufactured goods and its detrimental health effects are widely known. The New York State Department of Labor regulates asbestos abatement activities in the State through its Asbestos Control Bureau. Part 56 of the Title of the Official Compilation of Codes Rules and Regulations of the State of New York (i.e. Industrial Code Rule 56) establishes safe asbestos work practices and asbestos contractor/consultant licensure, certifications and training. Code Rule 56 protects the public from cancer causing airborne asbestos fibers that can arise from various construction activities.

Keystone Environmental Services (KES) has assembled a management team of highly experienced, trained and certified employees capable of multitasking in all facets of the asbestos consulting industry. KES’s team of asbestos building inspectors, abatement project designers, project monitors and air sampling technicians have a combined total of over 85 years of experience working with municipalities, school districts, state/federal agencies and healthcare/industrial/commercial clients.