Pavement Engineering


      • Cost Effective Pavement Restoration
      • Full Depth Recycling to Restore Existing Pavements
      • Pavement Construction Inspection and Quality Control
      • Road Use Agreements for Municipalities
      • Managing Pavement Maintenance for Public and Private Facility Owners
      • Road Conditions Versus Future Funding Goals for Municipalities
      • 5-Year and Annual Work Plans Supporting Municipal Funding Goals
      • Pavement Condition Rating

Keystone Pavement Engineering Services begin with traditional geometric design of vertical and horizontal alignment and cross sections for roads and parking lots as well as pavement layer structural design. For both of these disciplines, we utilize the AASHTO design guides. In addition to designing new facilities, we provide analysis and realignment design services for dangerous roadway curves and intersections for local roads and streets. Regarding the planning and budgeting of maintenance for pavement infrastructure we provide a host of services. The basic cornerstone for this is our service to assist our Clients in the deployment of a personal computer based Pavement Management software application that is easy to use and applicable for both local highway agencies as well as private owners of multiple pavement facilities. This application provides an inventory of your pavement facilities (roads or parking lots) and tracks the condition of each pavement item. It also prioritizes the pavement items, assigns repair strategies based on depreciation, and yields a prioritized project list for budgeting purposes.

We can also produce digital maps of your pavement facilities with hyper-links to pertinent management data. These maps make a quick and easy-to-use information interface for decision makers. Beyond this we also offer a 10-year future forecasting service for municipalities that will provide our Client’s with a prediction of future pavement conditions based on level of funding. At the project level we specialize in trouble-shooting pavement problems and in developing full depth restoration solutions that incorporate all of the contemporary recycling options available today. This includes full depth reclamation of subbase materials with all forms of stabilization as well as recycling of asphalt millings to produce recycled asphalt binder. Our in depth knowledge of roadway materials recycling and extensive experience applying it to projects means that we can bring our Clients highly creative and cost effective pavement restoration solutions with 25 to 30 percent cost savings over the traditional and costly remove and replace approach.